10 Things Vol. 2


With so many changes since the first installment of 10 Things, I figure there’s no time like the present to add to the list.

Here are 10 things I am grateful for.

(All photos that are not my own, are linked to their source.)


#1 Our Son

Wesley, almost 7-months-old.

With the miracle of science, Lucien and I have a beautiful baby boy. This is the greatest thing to ever happen to us, thus far.

Momming can be difficult sometimes, but it is seriously the most rewarding gift we could have ever imagined.


#2 Our Family

Our family, present during Wesley’s birth.

It’s safe so say, as far as family goes, we pretty much hit the jackpot. We are surrounded by loving, generous, supportive people. There are no words to describe how truely blessed we are.


#3 Our RV

Winter camping

It’s pretty awesome. Living in such a small space really forces us to be concious about what we buy. We are constantly purging because it’s not only the space we have to think about, but the weight as well.


#4 Flowers

A field of wild flowers

A recent obsession I have developed is flowers. It is very difficult to leave a nursery empty-handed. My favorites are wild flowers, roses, lilacs, and magnolias.


#5 Books

Wesley’s travel books

Wesley is becoming more interested in books. More than just chewing on them, which is awesome for me, I love being able to read and look at the pictures together.

Next, I want to get a few French books so we can start reading those together too.


#6 Chocolate

Confession: I have no self control when it comes to chocolate. It kind of got out of control during my third trimester with fruit dipped in chocolate ganache. Now I have moved to home-made mug cakes and hot fudge.

Here are the recipes if you care to indulge for yourself.

Chocolate Ganache: natashaskitchen.com

Chocolate Ganache: natashaskitchen.com

Hot Fudge: smittenkitchen.com

Hot Fudge: smittenkitchen.com

Chocolate Mug Cake: thecraftpatchblog.com

Chocolate Mug Cake: thecraftpatchblog.com


#7 Cloth Diapers

7-month-old Wesley in a cloth diaper with his book.

Cute, environmentally friendly, and economical. I have a pretty small stash of cloth diapers compared to a lot of CD mamas out there.

Flour sack towels with a simple diaper cover are my favorite. I used to use pins but I recently upgraded to snappies. Honestly, I should have used them from the get go. They rock.

I have to do a few more diaper changes throughout the day using cloth, but I don’t mind. No one likes sitting in pee, why should our little ones?

We still use disposables at night and if we’re going out for a long period of time. They do buy me a bit more time between changes.

Also, I have yet to have a poop explosion go up the back in a cloth diaper. I’ve lost count how many times we’ve needed to do a wardrobe change because poop defied gravity and went straight up and out of the disposable. Just sayin’.


#8 Short Hair

Short hair selfie

Fuck Yes!

I have finally given up on my pipe dream of having long beautiful Keri Russell circa 1998. Now I feel pretty cool. Physically and figuratively.


#9 Our Cats

Nap buddies

They have been so amazing around Wesley so far. When Stitch hears Wesley cry, she meows at us as if she is sounding the alarm. In the beginning, if Gus was on the bed with us, Stitch would head butt him off the bed then stand guard until the crying stopped. She has since relaxed a bit.

They have become a bunch of napping buddies.

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

– Casablanca (1942)


#10 Silence

It is golden.


What are you grateful for?


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