5 Lessons Learned Flying Across the Country with an Infant

sleeping on a plane

Wesley and I made our first trip to the Maritimes to see this mama’s side of the family. Sadly Mama Lu was not able to make the trip this time around. It was really hard being away from her for as long as we were. For many reasons! However, Wesley did get his lovin’ on with lots of family members, and had a great time with his big cousin.

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Pre-trip Preparations

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Historically, I have not been a light traveller. Now that Wesley is attached to me, it is emphasized ten fold. On top of my own crap, we have diapers, wipes, clothes for all possible weather conditions, blankets, food, toys, books, hats, shoes… plus just in case crap that I never actually used. That being said, we WERE gone for a month, and the weather went from a heat wave to rainy fall weather.

Driving to Edmonton

sleeping in the car

What usually takes four hours, took eight, this time. We made lots of stops for feeding and leg stretching. The best was at Crooked Creek. They have legendary homemade donuts and yummy ice cream in the summertime. We stayed cool under the gazebo and enjoyed the summer breeze while watching the trucks go by, and eating our ice cream.

Overnight Before the Flight

in the hotel

I checked into the hotel. Luckily they had a shuttle from the park n’ fly to the hotel, then from the hotel to the airport in the morning. Bonus, the nice lady saw me with Mr W and all of our luggage, and gave us the most accessible room on the ground floor as there wasn’t any elevator to the upper floors. We were hence upgraded to a huge room with a king size bed and a fireplace… right across from the pool.

Time to Fly

in the airport

We got up and ready for the first shuttle to the airport. I am so lucky that W is a happy baby in the mornings. It worked out perfectly that he was awake while we were going through the airport for check in and going through security. He loves people watching and flirting with anyone that will pay attention to him. We were really early, but in the event of a surprise poop explosion, it’s better than feeling rushed.

He was ready to fall asleep right as we were ready to take off. He sat on my lap and nursed to sleep.

Lessons Learned

  1. Make a list of items NEEDED well beforehand.
  2. Stick to said list.
  3. Pack a extra luggage bags for the return trip when visiting family. Wesley is a lucky little dude and got lots of gifts from lots to awesome people.
  4. Keep it simple. I thought I would be able to cloth diaper while away. Yeah no.
  5. No more traveling without the other mama. We missed her WAY too much!


Lucien and I both vowed, from now on we do everything as a family. Where one goes, we all go. For as long as our kid(s) allow us to tag along anyway.


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