Black Coffee + a List of Canadian Coffee Companies I REALLY Want to Try

black coffee
Step aside, cream and sugar. This is a job for black coffee.

I’m digging black coffee right now, and this past week has definitely warranted it. It included moving job sites, a trip to the vet, the cone of shame, antibiotics, a lot of baths for a kitten with diarrhea, and testing out the new carpet cleaner.

Step aside, cream and sugar. This is a job for black coffee.

It pairs quite nicely with reading emails, listening to my new obsession: podcasts (loving Call Your Girlfriend and Another Round), catching up on blogs I’ve felt too blah to read lately, and toast.

Question: Does the type of coffee matter?

Answer: Uh, yeah it does.

If anyone can drink Tim Horton’s regular roast coffee black, I salute your iron clad stomach ’cause that shit’s nasty.


This list of 15 Canadian coffee roasters you need to try right now as featured in BARON Magazine has peaked my interest. It features roasters from all over the country:

  1. 49th Parallel Coffee (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  2. Detour Coffee (Dundas, Ontario)
  3. Pilot Coffee Roasters (Toronto, Ontario)
  4. Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur (Montreal, Quebec)
  5. Bean North Coffee Roasting Company (Takhini Valley, Yukon Territory)
  6. Social Coffee and Tea Companies (Richmond Hill, Ontario)
  7. Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters (Calgary, Alberta)
  8. Matchstick Coffee Roasters (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  9. Brûlerie Faro (Sherbrooke, Quebec)
  10. Java Blend Coffee Roasters (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  11. Transcend Coffee (Edmonton, Alberta)
  12. JJ Bean (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  13. Black Pearl Coffee (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  14. Anchored Coffee (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia)
  15. Fratello (Calgary, Alberta)


BARON is a Canadian online magazine which features articles on culture, design, business, and food.


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