Day by Day

2 baby bellies

We all have ups and we all have downs. Sometimes it seems to switch from one to the other in 0.43 seconds. But there is one constant. We do our best. Everyday. We give everything we have to give and then some. Because it is no longer about us. It’s all about them. They are our world. They dictate when we eat, what we do, how long it takes to do it, and whether we are lucky enough to squeeze in a shower, or the holy grail: a nap.

And it’s only just begun…


in the lake
Wesley’s first time at the lake

Everyone is different. Every family dynamic is different. I get that. I never want to be THAT person who appears to sit on a pedestal and tell people how it is, or how it should be. And I REALLY never want to be the person that perpetuates a sort of parenting hierarchy. That is one of my pet peeves.

If everyone involved is happy, healthy, and on the same page, who cares what others think.

We bed share. I cloth diaper. Wesley nurses to sleep, and feeds himself the same food we eat, in the same form – not pureed. I’ll write about these in individual posts later.

Understand that everything I just mentioned is contrary to what is deemed “safe” by our public health nurse or pediatrician. It’s just what feels right for us. And we take it day by day.

Nobody knows you or your baby like you do. My advice with anything is trust your gut.


On that note…

I am NOT a healthcare practitioner. Please do NOT take anything in this post as medical advice. If you have medical questions, please see your healthcare provider.


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