Genealogy & DNA

There is a game that my friends and family like to play when introducing me to new people. It is called, “Let’s Guess Anna’s Ethnicity”. I will soon have an actual answer to that question.

Enter’s DNA test kit.

My wonderful mother has signed me up for this kit as a birthday present! I’m so excited, I’ve been wanting to do this for years! What makes it more satisfying, is that I have recently read a review by The Bloggess, comparing it to  and I rather enjoyed it.

I had been under the impression that is was a mouth swab. In actuality, I had to spit into a little tube via a small plastic funnel. A lot. It was a little weird.

Included was a cap with a bit of blue “stabilizing liquid” in it that I had to make sure mixed in with my saliva. After removing the funnel and tightening this little cap onto the saliva filled tube, I had to shake it about, ensuring all the liquid was mixed together. Then I put the tube into a little ziplock bag, then into the little postage-paid box, and shipped it off to Ireland.

It will take approximately six to eight weeks for processing.

With the sample’s 15-digit code uploaded to the website, they can track where the sample came from and email me the results. How freaking cool is that?!

Stay tuned for the outcome.


So far, I was able to trace my mother’s maiden name back to a man named George, born 1618 in Kleinheubach, Germany.


As for my father’s surname, I managed to trace it back to a man named Estienne, born 1650 in Belverne, France. There were many modifications to this surname. Somewhere between 1852 and 1890, it became what my family holds, today.


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