Hello Third Trimester

I hear every pregnant woman say the same thing around this time (and there are a lot of us out there right now!). The time seems to have flown by! I am now 30 weeks in, and boy, knowing that we only have (more or less) 10 more weeks left to go… shit just got real.

Week 28 pregnant

Loving Every Minute

At week 27 (technically 2nd trimester), I really started to see activity happening from the outside. More kicking, responsive movements, and night time dance parties in Club Utero.

Lue had a dream a few weeks ago that we had a baby girl. In her dream, we named our baby some unusual name that she can’t remember, but she does remember that we called her “Um” for short. So this has become the name of our unborn child. Um.

So far I have had six dreams. All, in which, I give birth to a boy.

In one of the dreams, before I even have a chance to hold him, my grandmother and my mom are taking him for a little stroll and showing him the beautiful things in the world. I woke up feeling at peace, feeling like my Nan is watching over us, protecting us. She passed away 5 years ago this month and I miss her every single day.


Tag, You’re It

The most exciting thing recently, is Lue being able to feel Um move about. At night, she spoons me and holds my belly. As soon as she feels Um kicking, she giggles, pokes my belly, then waits for the response. It is so freaking cute that I can’t be upset that I’ve been laying awake for an hour while they play.

One of the first times this happened, she asked me, “How do you sleep with all this going on inside you?!”

My response, “I don’t.”

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


“How are You Feeling?”

I get this question a lot. No, I’m not sick of it yet, because it let’s me know that people care.

Since I stopped working, I have been feeling so happy and relaxed. I have been able to just enjoy being pregnant, and I am loving being pregnant. No more fatigue or anxiety about not doing enough, no more back pain, abdominal cramps, foot pain and swelling, or headaches, induced from over-exerting myself.

Just the usual moderate sensations of the aforementioned.


Recent Sensations & Remedies

Spider and varicose veins: Calf stretches, hamstring stretches and compression socks seem to help with the discomfort.

A tight ligament on the outside of my left heel: Going for a short walk, and stretching has pretty much alleviated this.

Tight hamstrings and hips: Prenatal yoga and mild exercising such as lunges, squats, sumo squats, planks, kegel exercises, and light stretching.

Heartburn. Holy heartburn: Smaller and more frequent meals, and avoid greasy foods.

Constipation: Adding chia seeds to my smoothies, and portion control. I started eating half the amount I used to and just eat more frequently. Space is becoming quite limited and it’s not going to get any more abundant before Um joins us.

Little fee under my right rib: No slouching. Or bending forward, for that matter. Another reason to squat. Strengthen those muscles!


My latest midwife appointment went really well. My blood pressure is good. My belly growth is on point (28cm in 28 weeks). The baby’s heartbeat is good and strong. I have to wear compression socks for my legs, but that’s about it. I like when my visits are short and sweet.



Feona and Jade have offered to throw me a baby shower. With Lue’s work schedule being sort of uncertain – and in another province, and not wanting to feel too rushed before my due date (what if it’s early, what if it’s late?) I elected to have it take place about a month AFTER baby Um is due to appear earth side. This way, both Lue and I will certainly be geographically together for it with the least mount of stress.

As this is our first baby, we aren’t really sure what is really needed. There are so many useless gimmicks out there that, however cute or seemingly helpful, are ultimately swept aside. Why buy a Baby Bullet when a blender or food processor works just fine? Why spend hundreds of dollars on a change table when a blanket on the floor or bed are safer, especially when the baby starts to roll over on its own?

For those items that ARE required, babylist.ca is perfect for sending a cohesive collective of my registries to friends and family all over the country (and beyond). Also, the level of customer service I have received so far is top notch! They have a pretty basic selection of stores and items in their collection to get you started, then from there, I have been able to ad literally any item from any online store, including Etsy! So cool! The only down side is that their in-house listed items only ship to the US.

My list is pretty bare. Listing the essentials, and only a few extra little things. Most of my nesting, thus far, has been purging. I feel like I need to clear the clutter as much as possible, both environmentally and mentally.


That being said, stay tuned for the swag I picked up from my mom from when my brother and I were babies. Not to mention some other irresistible things I just couldn’t pass up.


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Aaliyah John

Thanks for your supportive instruction. And we want more.