How to: Get Black Grease Out of Clothing with 3 Things You Probably Already Have

Black grease, especially if it has been sitting for, say, about a month, is a bit of a bitch to get out of fabric. But after a bit of research, I found something that worked like a dream.


How it happened.

In November, Lue and I dropped off our trailer to the shop for its annual maintenance round. There were also some items that needed to be outright replaces. One of these things was a caster on the bottom of the bed, which slides out.

There is a handy dandy storage compartment under the bed for which we store our fold-up dining chairs, luggage bags, bedding and towels.


I’m gonna go on a bit of a rant here.

It was kind of half our bad for not emptying the compartment, since we knew they would likely have to tear it apart to replace the caster. But seriously, if you see something that you will need to put your greasy hands on, especially if it comes into contact with someone’s face for about eight hours at a time, wouldn’t you make sure said greasy hands were clean? Just saying.

Anyway. Regardless, we ended up with black grease on our bedding. I’m talking about various fabrics too. 100% linen, 100% cotton sateen, high thread count, low thread count. And I didn’t find it until about a week ago.

It set itself in pretty good in that time.


Now for a solution.

My mom used to use lighter fluid to get axel grease out of clothing when I was a kid. My step father was a trucker and that shit got everywhere. But I didn’t have any on hand and didn’t really feel comfortable using it. There were a few other solutions I found online, but the one that made the most sense to me was to use Dawn dish soap. Why not? They use it to clean oil off of helpless animals during oil spills in those TV commercials. They’ve branded themselves around it. I’m ok with that.


Here’s what I did.

1 – I ran cold water over the grease spot to get it wet.

2 – Put a couple drops of soap on them.

3 –  Scrubbed them with an old toothbrush and got a nice bubbly foam going. This took about 20 seconds or so.

4 –  Rinsed the soap off, again with cold water.

5 – Ta Da. Grease gone.

6 – I threw the bedding into the wash and all was good again.

I hope this comes in handy.

Do you have any tips for getting stains out? Feel free to share!!


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