Toddler boy, in a black t-shirt, outside on a sunny day, standing behind small potted plants, while stuffing food into his mouth. There is evidence of jam on his face and hands.
We put our little plant babies outside for more sun
(despite our efforts, the lettuce and basil didn’t survive)

Cats be damned. Gus Gus eats my spring onions and makes himself sick, and nibbles on my pea shoots. Stitch eats my garlic. And has destroyed my spider plant. Not to mention my toddler topples everything over. It is a trial and error situation with my little indoor herb garden. My thumb is brown but someday it will be green-ish.

UPDATE: the next basil I started got dumped by the toddler. 3rd time’s a charm?

During these last fleeting days of summer, we are soaking up every last possible moment of warm weather. In the above photo, we had breakfast and lunch outside. The moment the sun goes away, it feels like autumn is already starting to settle.

Anyway, back to the plants.

Of six cilantro sprouts, one has survived.

Indoor  young sweet pea plant climbing a wire tomato cage and kitchen twine

However, my little sweet pea plants have actually produced one little pea on it! It’s so cute! Apparently in front of the south-facing window, on my dining table, is a good spot.

If I could only keep my stupid cats away from it.

One more problem…

ALL of my little plants have pesky little fungus flies. I’m trying the soapy water method according to a link I found here and letting them dry out. I put them outside on hot sunny days to help this along. Next, as directed, I’ll be skimming off the top layer of soil and replacing it with new soil, then covering that with sand or something. If this doesn’t work, I’m afraid that I’ll have to completely re-pot my entire indoor herb garden in new soil.

The site also recommends watering from the bottom, instead of the top.

Lots of learning…

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Kim D
Kim D
1 year ago

Crap, crap, crap… sounds like this house minus the little human! The cats I find go in and out of phases. As to the growths there are non toxic sprays that work pretty well. Home Depot if you have one around…

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