5 Life Lessons From My Childhood

baby bubbles


As adults, we all have a few “words of wisdom” that hve been passed down from generations before. I remember some for a few different reasons.

These are 5 lessons that have been bestowed upon me.


1. Don’t slouch.

Well into my 30’s, and my mom’s voice still rings in my ears about the risk of looking like Quasimodo.


2. Eat your vegetables…

…or you’ll get scurvy. Thanks, Nan. We are no longer vitamin C deficient sailors on a maiden voyage to discover the new land. Also, electricity.


3. Wash behind your ears.

This seems like a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t one wash behind their ears? Just sayin’.


4. Always wear clean underwear.

Is this really a thing?


5. Respect your elders.

This one took me a long time to modify. If an “elder” is being a disrespectful ass, THEY do not deserve respect by default. Respect is earned, no matter what your age.


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What lessons do you remember from your childhood?


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