How to Tame a Kitten

A couple of months ago, Lucien said to me, “No more cats. We have Stitch, and that’s it.”

Stitch and looked at each other like “Yeah, ok.”

On one rainy Vancouver day, in January, Lucien was watching TV with Feona. In one of the scenes, a little black kitten ran out from around a corner and, for some reason, triggered an emotional reaction. From there, Lue embarked on a mission to find a new little buddy.

Of course I joined in, I’m not heartless! We both started looking on the SPCA website, craigslist, kijiji, and other buy-sell websites. There were lots of options for buying Bengals or hairless for thousands of dollars. BC is clearly not the place to find free kittens.

Stitch was free from a parking lot and she’s the best cat ever!

So we are back in Alberta, barely 8 hours and we find LOTS of free kittens available online. I started messaging people then found this little cutie. He is the runt of the litter, nearly half the size of his brothers. Available immediately, only eight weeks old, and melted my heart as soon as I saw him.

furbaby's first night
We brought him home
Gus Gus
9-week old Gus Gus stole my seat


Welcome Home

The people we got him from told me that the kittens were litterbox trained. That wasn’t entirely true. He peed on our bed the first night. We frantically googled how to litter train a kitten, set up his own litter box in a tinfoil lasagna pan, and quarantined him in the kitchen until we were sure there wasn’t going to be any more accidents.

I watched over him like a hawk, and when I noticed him doing the pee dance, I would put him in front of the litterbox. When he woke up from a nap, I put him in front of the litterbox. Shortly after eating, I put him in front of the litterbox. After a good play session, I put him in front of the litterbox.

Fortunately, it didn’t take him long to figure it out. On the fourth night, he was allowed back on the bed to sleep through the night with us. There have been no more accidents to date.


Getting Acquainted

Lue’s new video watching buddy

The first week, Gus Gus had already made himself comfortable on Lue’s boobs while watching YouTube videos.

However, Stitch wanted NOTHING to do with him in the beginning. She hissed at him whenever he approached her, even growled at him a couple of times. Fast forward three days and they’re sleeping in her den (under the recliner) together. He is relentless though. He attacks her tail. He jumps on her back. He bites at her face. All the while, now, she goes for the body and leg shots, and sometimes even cleans him. What a good mama cat!

Stitch the bitch and Gus Gus
Stitch teaching Gus Gus where the warm spots are.
Buddies for life

Now we have scars all over our hands from a teething kitten, and sleeping in is no longer an option. We get a 5:30 am wake-up call every morning. On our face.

Life lessons on how to tame a kitten.

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