Insta-moms that work from home, all smiles and optimistic with inspirational quotes and accomplishments, are plastered all over #mompreneur. I hate them.

Working from home

I dream of being a successful self-employed designer + stay at home mom and work from home like a bad ass she-boss. But some days I feel like I just can’t get my shit together. Between cooking, cleaning, feeding, washing, playing, cooking, feeding, cleaning…. where does anyone find the time?

The struggle is real.

My biggest anxiety is food

W goes through these phases (frequently) where the only things he’ll eat are white. The only way I can get him to eat berries is to puree them and mix them in with coconut yogurt. If it’s green, forget it. Some days he’d sooner eat crayons than anything I make for him. Other times, all he wants is milk. Sometimes it seems like my entire day is spent in the kitchen preparing food, and cleaning it up off the floor because that’s where it’s ended up. He tells me (by signing) that he’s hungry, but doesn’t eat anything I give him. I worry that he’s not getting enough nutrition.

Then there are days when he shocks the shit right out of me and hijacks my spinach omelet.

There aren’t many words he knows how to say right now, but you can bet your ass he knows how to say “cookie”.

Having an Affectionate Toddler

It is wonderful. It really is. I would be heartbroken if my little guy didn’t want to snuggle.

Toddler sleeping on mama

But it also makes it really difficult to get anything done when all he wants is to snuggle. All day.

Making a Schedule… and sticking to it

This has never been my forté. I’m kick-ass at making them. Hello spreadsheets! And lists. Lists are my external hard drive since motherhood has corrupted my brain. But sticking with schedules require motivation, concentration and commitment. At any given time, there can be only two. Max. Just sayin’.

Currently Listed

Morning workout before coffee I actually accomplished this for about a week

Draw literally anything never happens

Afternoon walk to the playground

Work on guest room reno I need W to be asleep for this because having him around joint compound is asking for trouble

Write well, there’s this…

Help a mama out.

If anyone has any suggestions or constructive criticism, I am literally all ears. If you work from home with a little one (or more), how the hell do you do it?

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